Do We Need an iPad Mini?

Posted by Rob Scott | Posted in Opinion, Question, Technology | Posted on 23-10-2012


Apple are hosting an event tonight in California where they are expected to unveil, amongst other things, a mini iPad. Steve Jobs said that he’d never create an iPad mini as the iPad was perfect for typing on. I have to agree with him.

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The iPad seems to be the best size for being compact yet keeping the screen large enough to be able to type with two hands, if the screen was any smaller I’d be restricted to using one or two fingers.

I can see Apple’s need/desire to create a smaller iPad in order to compete with the Kindle Fire and Google Nexus, but unless it is massively different from the iPad in terms of functionality I cannot see the point of them creating it. I guess all will be revealed later today…

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Just because they will sell something does not mean there is a need for it. (A market and a need are not synonymous either. There is no need for a pet rock!)

I don’t want one myself and ditto what Roy wrote above :)

I understand what you’re saying, and it makes sense, of course. But as I see it, serving an existing need is not the point. Time after time, Apple has demonstrated that creating an ingenious device, that’s delightful to use, will generate it’s own need. Even when people don’t realize they need something.

Perhaps the market will discover they need the iPad mini, now that they’ve tasted the iPad and the iPhone.

We shall see.

I am on the fence about this one. I have to agree with Robbie though. As much as I think a mini ipad is ridiculous, I thought the same thing about almost everything Apple produced until I saw it’s “purpose”. I remember thinking how a mini ipod (aka ipod nano) was a stupid idea. “Why would I want a smaller one, when I can get the better ‘features’ on the bigger one!?” Well, I have only ever owned ipod nanos. Haha! I am sure the mini will squeeze its way into people’s wallets just as everything else Apple has.

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